See the standard size charts for latex hoods below.

Custom production

In addition to ready-to-wear sizes, we offer the option of custom-made hoods.
In this case, choose "Made to measure" in the size menu and write your measured dimensions according to the picture (dimensions A, B, C, D, E) in the notes when ordering or send them to us by email with your order number.

Please pay attention to the accuracy of the measurement. Inaccurate dimensions cannot be recognized as the subject of a claim after production!

Instructions for accurate measurement

Measure with a tape measure for tailoring. If you don't have it available at the moment, you can use a string or lace, which you then attach to an ordinary tape measure.
We recommend that another person assists you during the measurement.

Try to keep your measuring device in a horizontal position around your head. Slanted measurement can be misleading and measurements may not fit.