Each product is entered into production only after confirmation of payment.
All the assortment is made by hand with the utmost care and therefore the actual production and dispatch of the order can take up to six weeks from the receipt of payment.


We send the goods only through the transport company Packeta or the Post Office.


Payment is possible only through the PayPal payment gateway or directly by bank transfer to account:
IBAN: CZ39 3030 0000 0014 9560 6016

In the case of a bank transfer, do not forget to insert the variable symbol correctly when entering the payment. You can find it in the confirmation email after completing the order. Then follow the instructions of the individual bank with which your payment card is registered. You can also choose a payment option when placing an order. The subsequent production of the ordered goods will only begin after the payment has been credited to the seller's account.

The shipping price varies depending on the shipping option you choose.

Customs fees assessed by the customs office in the country to which the order is sent are paid by the customer.